June 16, 2017

WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Java, Angular, C++, Shopify Website

WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Java, Angular, Shopify Website

Website designing on open platforms has become the hottest trend in the world of programming. With various open sources, users can now easily select the platform on which they can design their website. With these open platforms into play, users can now easily create exciting themes for their websites. With content management system being a huge platform, website developers are using these open sources as and when required. Starting from WordPress, developers can add endless plugins to their website and make it more users friendly. It is even having a pool of templates that can be utilized for making a website more interactive.

Along with WordPress, Joomla is also gaining popularity because it is giving an ease and flexibility to the users when it comes to develop websites. With Joomla, thousands of web plug-ins can be taken into use for making the website more flexible and handy for users. With Joomla themes and templates based on XTML and HTML, developers can opt for any one of them depending on the requirement of the website. Websites, which are mostly into offering creative products and services, are using Joomla for website development. PHP and Java are the common programming languages on which a website is bases. With technological advancements, various additions have been done to these two languages so that process of website development is easy. In addition to these two, C++ is also commonly used for web development process. Recently, a website named as Shopify has been launched which is giving users the ability to sell their products in a hassle free way. The process of selling the products is simple yet effective.

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